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Cultural backwater. Freeway crossroads. Formerly best known for the smell of the local sewage treatment plant. Milpitas actually saved it's downtown by building a really obnoxious overpass that left time alone. Yes, there is still a Main Street! Unfortunately, the Kozy Kitchen (featuring the Milpitas Monster) is no longer there, but a few great dives still are!

Lina's Place not
1362 South Main Street Milpitas
Great mexican jukebox, full bar. During lunch you'll find an interesting mix of silicon valley "necktie" clientele next to the guys who've just come in from the field. Safe (and good food) during the day. Seems like a good place to get into a fight after dark. Probably a little safer now that the biker bar next door has closed.
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Quincy's BBQ not
70 N Main Street Milpitas
Quincy's is owned and run by a preacher where he and his wife cook up ribs, links, and the BEST peach cobbler we've tasted yet. Everything comes in a styrofoam tray whether it's take out or eat in. The "dinner" is a large meat order and a side. The "sandwich" is a smaller meat order and a couple of slices of bread - on the side. Grab a "mess" of napkins because you will be making a mess. Finish your meal and toss your mess into the big trash can by the front door. Little place, about 5 tables. We've been half a dozen times and have always seen someone we know. If this place served beer (sorry, preacher), it would be a four star dive.
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Pizza Depot disaster
42 Dixon Landing Road Milpitas
We received an e-mail (probably from the owner) who exclaimed:"Unique. Unusual locals and celebs from Wu(?) to McNealy to N.Young (Neil?)...Great Staff, Outrageous Decor... JoeBob says 4 stars, check it out" Sorry. This is a standard boring pizza joint with decorations that looked like they used to have a train theme of sorts before the beer distributors showed up and plastered Bud and Miller crap all over the place. We sampled the Santa Fe Combo which took nearly 40 minutes to show up from order time to the table with no apologies for the delay. Bland at best. Other "issues" include pool tables with blue felt (green is out of fashion?), pasta jar decor coated with 5 years of dust plus they are located in a strip mall in one of the most culturally devoid areas in the whole Bay Area.
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Cho Sun BBQ virgin
S Main Street and Serra Way Milpitas
Formerly Seoul Restaurant where our review went somthing like this: Prepare to be ignored if your name isn't Mr. Kim, Mr. Park or Jong Il-Suk. Despite the Korean snobbery, once served, the food is very good, particularly the combo plates. Wash it all down with a big OB beer poured into little glasses. On a cold day, the Korean BBQ is highly recommended. Sit at one of the tables with the metal plate in the middle. This gets removed, REALLY hot coals (sparks included for free) are put into bins and you get more food than you can possibly eat put in front of you to cook for yourself. "Oh yeah, can I get one more OB over here please".
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Das Gasthaus heaven
1380 S Main Street Milpitas
Now a swanky dance place with a tropical theme. Formal name: Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Adler. Actually three places in one - a nice German Restaurant, a dark pub-like den and a "biker bar". All have their own charms. The restaurant is a bit upscale and compares favorably against Teske's Germania on First Street, just north of downtown SJ. Try the Jager schnitzel or the sausage sampler. Excellent red cabbage on the side! The den is a great haunt for east bay startups (who would have guessed - ask Jack Higby) and the biker bar is best experienced after 7. What fun!
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Kozy Kitchen heaven
S Main Street at Serra Way Milpitas
Home of the Milpitas Monster. Take a step back to the 1960's and try a cheeseburger and a shake while chatting with the locals. (no beer)
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